Full-Time Positions



You are the one making sure the day runs without hiccups! You are the go between for artist and venue.


We’re counting on you to make sure artists have the best experience at the Crystal Grand,

and to make them want to come back again and again. 


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Please send your resume & cover letter to with the subject line reading 

“Production Manager Application”

Part-Time Positions

Our part-time positions offer more hours and weekly structure. Nights and weekends will still likely be required, but some hours during the week will be included and expected as well. 


You are the key to keeping the venue beautiful and clean for all of our guests. Cleanliness is one of the 

primary factors in a positive customer experience and that will all be thanks to you! 

Casual Positions

Our casual positions are not quite enough hours to be considered part time. These are positions that we need specifically on show days. We are gearing up to have 40 concerts this year – so there will be plenty of work for you. Schedules are flexible within reason but will definitely include nights and weekends.


You are the first smiling face our customers see! As well as our first line of defense. In this position you get the opportunity to be the first to wish music lovers an amazing evening, while bag checking and security wanding each entering customer.

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You get to sell music lovers the opportunity to see their biggest heroes, which will likely be the best part

of their week. Whether they are walking into the venue immediately to swoon over Rick Springfield, or

planning ahead because they are just too excited to wait, you are what made that happen… and that’s a

pretty cool place to be in.

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.We all know that you are arguably one of the most vital parts of many peoples concert experience… 

DRINKS! Interact with many fun and excited concert goers and get them loosened up for a night they

wont forget… or will…

No mixology experience? That’s cool, we’ll train you. No Bartender license, we’ll get you one.

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You are the final step before fans get to see their idols. The last key before they get to enter the show 

they have been waiting for! You will scan their tickets and take them to their seat where they will

inevitably have the best night of their lives. You will also be there to point them to the bathroom, 

concession stand, and wherever else they may possibly need to go.

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Stage Hand

You are the first ones here in the morning. You will work on a team to get the band unloaded and their

gear set up on the stage! You will also get to come back to help them load out after an amazing concert

as well! 

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Volunteer Opportunities



You get to help people find their amazing seats for the incredible show they are seeing! This is a fun 

opportunity to meet and interact with all sorts of new and exciting people.

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