Can we resell tickets?

No! Tickets are not permitted to be resold under any circumstance. If your tickets are given away, or someone is attending the event in your place, you must call the box office at 608.355.1222 to confirm the new ticket holders name. The Crystal Grand has no tolerance for fake tickets, and this is the only way to ensure that duplicates or fraudulent tickets are not being sold/given away. Please keep in mind that Eventbrite is our official ticketing partner, and the only ticket type that we can guarantee as valid.

Do you charge for parking?

Yes! On-site parking is $5 cash only upon arrival.

Do you have food and drinks available for purchase?

Yes! We have a full bar and concessions available for purchase.

Can we bring cameras?

No! Our house rules are no flash photography, video recording, go-pros, tablets or professional cameras. Cell phones are the only device permitted, if you have any of the other above listed items on you, security will ask you to return it to your vehicle.

Do you have hearing devices for the hard of hearing?

Yes! If you require these devices, please ask box office upon your arrival to the show.

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes! The venue has wheelchair ramps, elevators and ADA seating. If you are purchasing tickets online and are seeking ADA seating, please refer to the seats labeled -WC or -CH.

Can I smoke in the Crystal Grand Music Theatre?

No! Our building is 100% smoke free, however there is a comfortable designated seating area outside the venue.

Will I have to go through security upon entering the venue?

Yes! Our professional security staff will search you with a metal detector and check your bags upon entry to the lobby area. Please keep in mind that we are a weapons free venue, this means fire arms, knives, pepper spray or anything else our security deems unsafe upon your arrival are strictly prohibited. If any of the above listed items are found on you, you will be asked to return them to your car. *Please keep in mind that the Crystal Grand also does not allow any food or beverage carry-ins.

Are children allowed to attend the show?

While most of our events are 18 and up, we do allow children under the age of 18 with a parent or guardian. If you are bringing a child, they are required to have their own ticket, regardless of age. The venue reserves the right to refuse access to a child if security and the venue deem the show unsafe for that child.

What’s your refund policy?

As stated in the terms and conditions when you purchase your ticket, we do not allow any refunds or transfers for any reason other than artist cancellation.

When can I access the theatre?

The Lobby is open all day on show days, so you are welcome to come and hang out and enjoy a drink as early as you would like. Access to your seats in the theatre itself begins an hour before the show starts.

Am I allowed to stand and dance?

Yes! We allow all concert goers to stand and dance so long as they stay in their seat area. Dancing in the aisles and rushing the stage are both prohibited behaviors, and security will ask you to return to your seat.

Can I rent out the Crystal Grand?

Yes! The theatre and lobby are available to rent, if you are interested in renting the space, please contact Natalie Campbell at 608.355.1222 ext 104 or nataliec@jstevensproductions.com to go over details, rates, etc.